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Odessa Bates, MA, CD, CPD

(413) 642-1165

80 Maple Avenue, Suite 3

Great Barrington, MA 01230


Serving MA, CT, & NY

Hospitals, Birth Centers, and Homes

*Free In Person Consultations*
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner

Master's Degree in Women's Studies

Individual Specialty Counseling

Trauma Informed & Trained

Substance Abuse Clinician

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Trained

Belly Binder, Caster, & Molder
Bachelor's Degree in Sociology
Sliding Scale Available
Established Birth Community & Medical Relations

Gift Certificates make wonderful

baby shower or holiday gifts!


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Professionally Trained and Certified with Warm Welcome Births in Northampton, MA with Certified Professional Midwife and Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, Michelle L'Esperance, CPM, CD. Her reference is always available.  Located in Western Massachusetts.

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    Pregnant and planning a birth?  Want to experience a more satisfying delivery?  Then CALL and book now.  I have successfully helped families in MA, CT, & NY with my certified birth services.


     Welcome, I'm Doula Odessa and I have been in the health and wellness field for over 18 years.  I'm proud to be a full time certified birth & postpartum doula as providing birth support has become my calling after experiencing my own child's birth in 2009.  I was like most pregnant people and not aware that there is an art to preparing for labor and delivery.  The word "Doula" was foreign to me, let alone knowing their benefits.  During my pregnancy, I did not think about my labor and delivery support as I believed the provider I carefully hand picked was going to be sufficient enough.  I was not aware that some providers are only present for a few medical checks and then once again right before the baby's arrival!

     Late into my pregnancy, and after reading a well informed birth book, I asked my provider about my birth support options.  That day I was referred to a doula and we met soon after.  Unfortunately, I immediately knew this doula was not the right fit for my family, but I did not know I had options.  I did not know I could have met with other doulas until I found the right one.  I immediately hired her as my due date was fast approaching and I did not want to disappoint my provider after asking for the referral.

     When I went into labor, my doula was called but she immediately choose not to join me as my labor was not progressing according to her plan.  I was not aware at the time, but I let that doula's decision affect the way I viewed my birthing experience.  What's even more alarming is that this experience has happened to other birthers in the world and still happening!  With this shocking knowledge, I researched and learned the difference between "normal" birth support versus wonderful birth support.  This started an amazing learning and healing process that was also beneficial for my family as I immediately knew I wanted to become a part of the small, but powerful, group of compassionate doulas.  I decided to take the time and effort in picking a well respected professional doula training course and completed both my birth and postpartum doula certificates. 

  Now, as a birth and postpartum doula, along with my personal experience, I believe everyone should have a supportive, unbiased, and educated doula.  I hope you believe in that too as I am now a part of the doula birth community to ensure that every person I assist has a chance to experience a memorable birth!   I encourage you to take the time to look at the services I provide, along with my clients' recommendations, and contact me to see if we would make a positive birth team as you will remember your child's birth for the rest of you life.

"Odessa worked hand in hand with the Midwife...Odessa advocated for me, explaining details...Without Odessa's coaching and guidance I would not have made it through  labor...The midwife assisting me commented several times how well I was handling the situation and how supportive Odessa was throughout." ~ Client

     "I can not recommend Odessa enough! I had thought about a doula in the beginning of my pregnancy but wasn't 100% sure that was the route I wanted. I met Odessa at a breastfeeding class and decided to contact her the next day. She went over everything with me and got rid of any doubts I had.  We met up a few times before my son was born. We formed a birth plan and went over all possibilities and questions that I had.  When labor started I let Odessa know and labored at home for a while. Odessa continuously checked in and was available anytime I wanted her. She arrived at the hospital shortly after I was admitted and stayed with me for 18 hours. Leaving only after all 3 of us were settled and my son was breastfed successfully. She was ready and willing to help me in any way possible. Recommending different methods to help me push and offering reassuring words through out the delivery process.  She came over a few times after we were home to make sure I was meeting my breastfeeding goals and that my mood was okay. Bringing over gifts, educational handouts, and good company. To this day, I seriously swear I wouldn't have made it through without her!" ~ Client


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